Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Ryan Meinerding is back at it again with releasing more concept art for Marvel’s latest smash hit, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The first piece of art showcases Ned, Peter’s best friend in the film, discovering Peter’s secret identity while the second photo has Spider-Man eating a sandwich on a New York fire escape. Check out the tweet below!

The scene depicting Ned and Peter was obviously portrayed different in the film. While the concept art shows Ned watching Peter take off his mask in front of a mirror, the film had Peter, already with his mask off, try to sneak back into his apartment as Ned watches from the bed and proceeds to drop their lego death star. The second photo is very similar to the film version albeit one minor detail. Homecoming has Peter eating a churro that an elderly woman bought for him after he helps her walk across the street.

Both pieces of art show the youthfulness that Homecoming was striving to achieve as Peter is shown to be the fun loving but still secretive young hero we all know and love.

Spider-Man Homecoming is in theatres everywhere now.