Disney Reportedly Re-Engaged In Talks With Fox, Deal Gaining Momentum

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

It looks like the deal between Disney and Fox isn’t as dead as people perceived it to be.

In a new exclusive report by The Wall Street Journal (via Morningstar), Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox have begun seriously discussing Disney’s acquisition of certain Fox divisions. The deal would include Fox’s movie studio 20th Century Fox as well as its Fox television network and FX network.


Additionally, the deal would also feature Disney acquiring the National Geographic cable group, as well as a 30% piece of Hulu, 39% interest stake in the Sky broadcasting company, and Star India. In total, these assets are valued at $48.5 billion.

Should the deal go through, Disney would benefit greatly from it as they will finally be able to take control of the film rights of the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters. Disney would probably incorporate these characters into their Marvel Cinematic Universe once the rights are secured.


Disney would also gain the distribution rights to the original Star Wars trilogy along with a slew of other film franchises including the rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy and the Avatar franchise.

Disney however isn’t the only company that Fox is looking to sell to. Once the initial deal with Disney fell through, companies like Verizon and Comcast began looking to make a deal but now it seems that the house of mouse is back at the table. 21st Century Fox reportedly wants to make this deal by the end of the year.


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