The mission statement of this site is to badger you all with our thoughts on various aspects of pop-culture. Hopefully those of you reading this ‘about us’ section want to know these thoughts, but if not I would invite you to partake, as they’re pretty cool. Anyway this site is run by three amazing Canadian individuals (no biases here) who love every aspect of pop-culture, even the bad ones. This site will act as a safe space for all of you to relieve the stress that infects your daily lives, or possibly worsen it if our opinions anger you. If that is the case, just remember that you can close the tab. It’s up on the right hand side of your screen, but I would recommend you not click it and put up with us anyway. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

Nick Poulimenakos

Nick Poulimenakos is the Editor-In-Chief of Talkies Network and reports on the film and television industry. He studied management/marketing at the University of Toronto and is a self proclaimed movie /T.V show/comic book know it all.



Artur Galvao
Managing Editor

Artur Galvao is the Managing Editor of Talkies Network and studies philosophy at the University of Toronto. He enjoys all aspects of nerd culture and feels entitled to share his worthless opinions with the others, thus a website is born.

Mathew Simoes
Senior Editor

Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes is a human being (?) whose existence is dedicated to movies, TV shows, comic books and other associated items of entertainment. He’s the Senior Editor for this fine web establishment and studies at a Canadian University. His dreams are typically in comic book format.

Marie-Rose Domenichini
Staff Writer

Marie-Rose Domenichini is a Staff Writer at Talkies Network and is currently studying English and Indigenous Studies at the University of Toronto. She loves reading, writing, and all things entertainment. She also may or may not have fangirl tendencies. You can often find her listening to broadway cast-recordings or rewatching the Outlander series on a loop.

Matthew Ellmore
Film & Television Reporter

Film & Television Reporter and Contributing Writer for Talkies Network. I'm currently studying English at Florida International University. I do a killer Bane impression and I might be in love with Tom Hardy.

Sam Parisi
Staff Writer & Video Editor

Sam Parisi is a Contributing Writer & Video Editor for Talkies Network. He has always had a strong passion for storytelling, evident in his love of movies and television. He also has an interest in martial arts, athletics, and design. Apart from being a full-time dreamer, Sam is a fourth year student studying Political Science and Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Pran Sathiy
Contributing Writer

Creative and tenacious writer with a passion for public affairs, and arts and culture journalism. I will be contributing to the Talkies Network on the basis of arts and culture, and its impact on entertainment and media vices.

Zain Saqib
Contributing Writer

Zain Saqib is a contributing writer for Talkies Network. He writes about film, television and occasionally music.

Nasrullah Khan
Gaming Reporter

I'm a Gaming Reporter and Contributing Writer for Talkies Network. When not playing video games, I like to sleep or read scientific journals (because I'm a proud nerd). I also watch a lot of Manchester United so hit me up!

Adam Faita
Contributing Writer

Film Student, Salesmen, Nerd, Sports fan, Star Wars Freak (also nerdy)

Vikram Mohan
Design Editor

Vikram Mohan is the Design Editor for Talkies Network and is currently studying in the commerce program at the University of Toronto. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, TV shows drawing and reading. While he is pursuing a career in accounting, he enjoys exploring his creative side and learning new forms of art and design. Additionally, Vikram enjoys listening to a wide range of music and enjoys having funny and fascinating conversations with friends, family and sometimes strangers too.

Usman Malik
Contributing Writer

Many phrases describe Usman- wannabe writer, armchair developer, Brad Pitt lookalike - but none describe him more accurately than "enthusiast of words", or more colloquially "guy futilely fighting the death of the written format". He may not be a wordsmith just yet, but nonetheless loves to write and write about his favorite forms of writing.

Talkies Network

Three friends talking about movies, video games, comic-books and anime. We do videos and articles. Be warned, you chose this. Site created by Nick Poulimenakos, Artur Galvao and Mathew 'JJ' Simoes.

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