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Creative and tenacious writer with a passion for public affairs, and arts and culture journalism. I will be contributing to the Talkies Network on the basis of arts and culture, and its impact on entertainment and media vices.

Toronto: Ethnic Diversity and Cultural Fashion

Toronto – a melting pot, artist’s paint palette, a ‘cosmopolitan’ ice cream tub. Whatever metaphor you associate this city with its multicultural make-up is decidedly up to you. That being said however, it can be definitively acknowledged that each of these ethnic demographics and the diaspora regions within Toronto’s vast greater area, in which they ...

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Film Review

*This is a spoiler-free review*  The wait is over. Celebrating ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe within a two and a half hour smorgasbord of action and emotion, reconciliation and separation. Avengers: Infinity War assembles Earth’s mightiest heroes to wage a war against Thanos in his pursuit of the six Infinity Stones. Thor, Iron ...