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Sophia Poulimenakos is a contributing writer at Talkies Network. She is currently studying Political Science at the University of Toronto. She loves all things Marvel, Disney, and musical theatre. She also is very much obsessed with dogs.

‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Season 1 Review

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, teenage angsty dramas (when done correctly) are super fun to watch. I know I absolutely live for the chaos of these types of shows and movies – but nothing could have prepared me for Netflix’s newest show I Am Not Okay With This. While the show does have some ...

‘The Healing Power of Dude’ Season 1 Review

I have to say that one to my favourite parts of television today is the route they are taking to portray topics that shows when I was kid never could, specifically in the case towards mental health awareness. The Healing Power of Dude takes this to a whole new level. With most children’s shows today ...

‘Cats’ Film Review

Written By: Marie Rose: Domenichini & Sophia Poulimenakos As two extreme Broadway nerds walked into the theatre to see Cats, the expectation were honestly quite low. But nothing could have prepared us for the mess this movie was about to be. Musical adaptations from Broadway normally are not the best – but they at least ...

‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Advanced Review

Let’s go back in time, January 20, 2006. Disney is premiering the highly anticipated movie High School Musical, and to say five-year-old me lost her mind watching this movie is slight understatement. I lived and breathed these movies as a child – and the two others that would premier in the following years. So when ...